Terrain Fabrication Service

Terrain Fabrication Service for Commercial and Public Buildings

“The industry has lost 343,000 jobs since the financial crisis and will lose another 400,000 to retirement in the coming decade. The Construction Industry Training Board (CITB) estimates that we will need approximately 224,000 construction workers over the next five years. With the Construction Products Association (CPA) forecasting that UK construction output will grow more than 20% by 2019, a significant investment in construction skills will be essential if that growth is to be achieved.”


Executive summary – CPA Skills Report 2015


We understand how difficult it can be to find a skilled workforce to meet the demands of the commercial construction market and we want to help with our off site project solutions. By using the Terrain Fabrication Service you could free up your precious skilled labour to be utilised elsewhere.


Drawing from over forty years fabrication experience, Terrain can provide pre-assembled drainage stacks and bespoke product solutions to your project's exacting standards. With simple onsite connections, pre-air testing available and the reduction in on-site waste, this service can reduce installation time on-site whilst meeting all your project requirements. Add to this, the quality and craftsmanship you'd expect from the industry leader for over fifty years and you've got a service that you can't trust just anybody to deliver. You need to trust Terrain.


During the summer of 2015, Terrain approached an independent expert in Mechanical & Electrical services installation to compare fabricated products with more traditional methods – findings proving fabricated products the most cost-efficient.  For a more detailed presentation of the findings associated with this report contact us or call 01622 795 200 to organise a presentation with your local Polypipe Terrain representative.

The benefits speak for themselves


Simple on-site connections
Straight forward installation saves on labour costs


Pre-air testing available
Removes the time and skills required for on-site testing


Reduces on-site labour costs
Reduced installation time keeps overall project costs down


Widest portfolio of bespoke solutions
Providing customised solutions for tricky one-off projects


Reduces on-site installation
Installation is simple and quicker than assembling loose fittings


Terrain has over 40 years experience of fabricating
You can expect quality from a brand you can trust


Reduce on-site waste
Made to measure, engineered solutions means there is a reduction on wasted materials


BES 6001 Accreditation
Our material have all been responsibly sourced with full traceability throughout the supply chain









We are also able to fabricate supply systems. Fabricated drainage stacks are ideal for refurbishment of old and decaying soil stacks in high rise apartments as residents do not need to leave their homes. They are also beneficial when constructing tall buildings due to the often repetitive systems required.

  • Terrain FUZE

    Manufactured from high density polypethylene (HDPE), Terrain FUZE provides a high performance solution with strong abrasion, chemical and temperature resistance.

  • Terrain Soil & Waste

    Our industry leading PVC Soil and Waste Systems are fully engineered to provide a secure welded connection to take account of flow direction and control thermal movement.

  • Terrain Acoustic dB12

    The Terrain Acoustic dB12 is an easy to install, triple layer pipe system with specially developed co-polymer polypropylene layers and acoustically engineered fittings.

  • Rainstream

    We are able to offer a fabricated solution for underground rainwater storage and re-use.



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Technical Bulletin 2016 Issue 6 - Terrain Fabrication Service

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Technical Bulletin 2014 Issue 3 - Live stack replacement

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Technical Bulletin 2014 Issue 2 - Terrain fabrication service

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